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Teeth Whitening Upland California

A smile spreads warmth. A beautiful smile can attract people and it makes a person more approachable. A smile is beautiful when it is bright. Surveys conducted from reputed organizations in USA have shown that many people who are unhappy with their smile wish to make their teeth brighter. It is not unusual if you are worried about dull teeth. Visit our dental office in Upland where our dentist can help you beautify your smile. We provide effective teeth whitening solutions in Upland, CA to come out with wonderful results. Since our teeth whitening solutions can remove stain and bring out the natural color of teeth, many patients who want a refreshing smile visit our practice.

Why teeth get discolored?

Discoloration of teeth takes place for several reasons. Although there are many reasons for dull color of teeth, following are some of the most common causes-

• Smoking

• Consumption of dark colored food and drinks like coffee, tea, cola and wine

• Genetics

• Aging

• Antibiotics

• Improper oral hygiene

Smoking, consumption of dark colored fluids and improper oral hygiene can cause extrinsic discoloration. Factors related to medicines may lead to intrinsic discoloration. Teeth whitening procedure is more effective in treating stains due to extrinsic discoloration. A root canal treated tooth that is discolored and dull can be whitened by using internal bleaching. But this is done only in select cases where there is enough tooth structure on a front tooth that does not necessitate a crown. Our dentist in Upland will evaluate your teeth and propose the appropriate whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatment:

Teeth whitening can be done at home using over-the-counter products. A professional teeth whitening procedure is safer and more effective since it is done by our dentist in Upland. Whitening products available in the market today use either Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide as their active agent. Both are equally effective and produce outstanding results. Our dentist first checks the oral health of patients before going ahead with the process of whitening. Problems like tooth decay and gum infection should be addressed before starting the whitening process.

Our dentist notes down the shade of teeth. The gums and lips are protected with barriers before beginning the teeth whitening procedure. Our teeth whitening process is safe and the results are immediately visible. We also take time in providing tips which can help keep teeth bright for long.

Teeth whitening process is not a onetime permanent solution for discolored teeth. The maintenance of the whiteness of your teeth depends on your home care, food intake and regular visit to the dentist.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. What does Teeth Whitening means?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that helps to remove stains and discoloration of teeth. It is the most commonly used procedure worldwide. So, most of the dentists perform tooth whitening procedure in order to improve smile and restore natural white teeth.

Actually, teeth whitening is not a one-time treatment process. But, it requires regular care to keep your teeth healthy and naturally bright.

2. What are the Benefits of this treatment?

Teeth whitening procedure offers the maximum benefits such as:

• Improve self-confidence

• Improves oral health

• Improves appearance of smile

• Comfortable Treatment

• Removes discolored teeth

• Safe and Reliable treatment

3. How long the whitening effect will stay on my Teeth?

Generally the whitening effect lasts up to 3 years. But this vary from people to people and also it depends on how well you look after the teeth.

4. What is the estimated time for Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The treatment will take around 30 – 40 minutes. Since teeth whitening procedure is not a one-time treatment; you need to visit our dental clinic for several weeks and take the treatment until you get better visibility of natural teeth.

5. Will whitening Treatment cause any damage to Teeth?

It does not damage your teeth, only it removes discolored and stains that are stuck in the teeth. It is very safe treatment and requires special care without harming lips and gums.

For more Information on teeth whitening treatment at Upland CA, call Dr. Nagib Bahri and make an appointment.

6. Under what circumstances can Tooth Whitening process fail?

Tooth whitening is a process to brighten your teeth color. It is effective only on natural teeth and may not work on artificial teeth such as dentures, crowns or veneers.

7. How does Teeth Whitening Treatment works? Is it safe?

Step by step on how teeth whitening procedures works:

- First, consult your dentist about the problem of discolored and stains teeth. So the dentist will analyze and suggests you go for teeth whitening procedure

- Next, the dentist will Inserts a lip retractor into your mouth by avoiding contact with teeth.

- Gums are protected by a protective gel and then harden with high-density blue light. So gums are taken very carefully by avoiding contact with whitening treatment.

- Now, the actual teeth whitening process starts

• The dentist applies hydrogen peroxide gel of 15% - 25% to the front teeth slowly one after other without any contact to lips and gums. Due to a chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide gel and stains on teeth, it removes stains faster by applying high-density.

• Next, the gel is rinsed off and re-coated again to the teeth. This process repeats several times depending on the condition of teeth.

If you feel too much sensitivity on teeth after the whitening procedure, then take necessary instruction from the dentist to avoid sensitivity. Teeth whitening treatment is very safe to use and commonly used worldwide by the dentist.

For more queries on the treatment process, please contact Cosmetic dentistry Dr. Nagib Bahri at Upland, CA and make an appointment.

8. Can I get Teeth Whitening done for single teeth? and how much it costs?

Yes, single teeth can be whitened. Such situation arouses specially in the case of teeth that has undergone a root canal treatment, as dead teeth may go discolored after root filling.

It is difficult to estimate the cost of the treatment due to following reasons.

- Analyzing the toughness of stains and discolored teeth.

- A number of sessions undergone for the treatment.

- Duration of the treatment

To know, more about the cost for the treatment please call 909-982-8893 or check into our dental clinic at Upland, CA for appointment.